BS – Legology Micro-Lite Discovery Kit for Legs

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Dip a toe into the wonderful world of Legology with this generous discovery kit filled with our high performance heroes in adorable baby sizes. Did you ever see anything so heavenly as this mini Cellu-Lite? You’ll get a good taste of what we’re about and how dedicated leg care supports a contour, comfort and care routine for our hardest-working limbs with this kit, and a reusable travel set for legs on the go (and your other beauty essentials) too!

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Himalayan pink salt:  Specifically known for being hydrating and rich in nutrients and minerals that, when absorbed, boost circulation. In short, good for sluggish feeling legs.

Sea Salt: Known for it’s antibacterial properties that helps cleanse and buff skin making it great for dry, flaky legs.

Caffeine: known for it’s potent anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a vasoconstrictor molecule which, can temporarily shrink blood vessels and as a result reduce puffiness.

Goldenrod: not only known for it’s swelling reducing properties, it’s good for soothing swollen and puffiness in legs and ankles too.

Butchers broom: known for evening skin stone as well as having cleansing properties.

Lemon: In particularly known for its antioxidant and exfoliant properties. As a result, it’s good for smoothing out and energising skin including bumpy areas found in cellulite.

This product is certified plastic neutral. Therefore, for every sale of Micro-Lite Kit, we remove and recover as much nature-bound plastic as we use in the packaging.

  • Massage Exfo-lite into legs once or twice a week, focussing on areas of dry skin then rinse off in the shower/bath.
  • Drop some Cellu-Lite oil onto thighs and rub skin in a circular motion from knees, over thighs, specifically focussing on rubbing skin in congested areas.
  • Use Air-Lite all over legs from feet up to thighs to depuff and intensely hydrate
  • Use Sun-Lite as a skin finisher, rubbing into legs from toes to tops of thighs to give them a truly sun kissed, glowing look. Suitable for all skin tones.

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