BS – Legology Circu-Lite Squeeze Therapy for Legs

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Drain away unwanted fluid and reduce the visibility of cellulite simultaneously when you choose the Legology Circu-Lite Squeeze Therapy for Legs. Created by the brand, this purpose-built silicone cup suctions onto the skin, forming a vacuum that supports your natural lymphatic drainage system. Use it with the Cellu-Lite Oil and you’ll be one step closer to reducing the visibility of cellulite while promoting a firm and smooth appearance across both legs. Easy to use before or after the shower or during a targeted massage too.

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A plastic neutral product.

Legology Circu-Lite Squeeze Therapy for Legs features:

  • Created from silicone that does not absorb products and is poreless to maintain durability.
  • Soft and pliable design that is easy to use, even on contoured areas of the legs.
  • An effective way to maximise detoxifying and skin-smoothing benefits.
  • Certified plastic-neutral.
  • Sulphate and phthalate-free.
  • Suitable for vegans and not tested on animals.

Apply your go-to body oil or body lotion to the area you would like to treat. Squeeze the edges of cup together and place onto your legs, then release. Your skin should be sucked into the cups’ vacuum. Drag the cup gently across the skin using upward motions. Release and repeat.

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