At Orskin, we don’t just believe in looking your best, but feeling your best. In addition to our expert skincare and aesthetics treatments, our Wellness Department offers a range of proactive solutions to promote good health from within. IV drips are a highly effective way to feel better fast and we create customized solutions based on your body’s needs. A Hollywood favourite, the NAD IV drip stimulates cell regeneration to reduce inflammation and improve energy. Or why not try a vitamin mix to top up your levels? Or a detox drip to remove unwanted toxins.

Our selection of IV wellness drips includes:

– Anti-stress and antioxidant
– Immune boost and hydration
– Glowing and radiant skin
– Cardio support
– Memory boost
– Hair regenerate
– Energy boost & fitness support
– Vitamin mix
– Liver detox
– Female balance
– Gut healer
– Customized (VIP anti-aging)
– Blood boost and iron
– Diabetic support
– Customized (HMD)

Everything we do is
designed to beautify you.